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I find this a bit odd that the guy had his microphone (or cell phone) on when passing the border. But the behavior of those ass-holes is unbelievable. They want to arrest him because he resisted an illegal arrest?

Whoa! This could be me, honestly, I have passed that border many times and every time, I was thinking these guys are a bunch of ass-holes, but this is unbelievable behavior.

Oh yeah, you will not hear about this on Faux news and other BS broadcast services around the world.

It is better to keep our head in the sand than realizing the danger of global warming against our lives.

North Pole rainfall ‘bizarre’: climatologist – Yahoo! Canada News

North Pole rainfall ‘bizarre’: climatologist

Thu Apr 29, 5:22 PM

Spring showers are next to non-existent in the High Arctic, so Environment Canada’s senior climatologist says he’s baffled to hear that it rained near the North Pole this week.

A group of British scientists working off Ellef Ringnes Island, near the North Pole, reported being hit with a three-minute rain shower over the weekend. The group reported the rain on Tuesday.

Rain in the High Arctic in April is nothing short of bizarre, said David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada.

“My business is weird, wild and wacky weather, and this is up there among fish falling from the sky or Niagara Falls running dry,” Phillips told CBC News in an interview that aired Thursday.

“I mean, it really is strange. You just don’t expect it to rain in the High Arctic in April; maybe in July and August. And certainly for these scientists from Europe coming over, they must have been also mystified.”

Phillips said 50 to 60 years of historical weather data show no signs of rainfall ever occurring in April in the High Arctic.

The earliest account of measurable rainfall at Canadian Forces Station Alert took place on May 21, 1988, he said.

At a weather station on Ellef Ringnes Island, where the scientists were conducting their experiments, Phillips said the earliest measured rainfall was on June 7, 1975.

“For the end of April, it is really bizarre,” he said.

The scientific group was on Ellef Ringnes Island as part of the Catlin Arctic Survey, which is gathering data on the effects of climate change on the Arctic Ocean.

The researchers have been working on determining the amount of carbon dioxide that’s trapped in the ocean.

“It’s definitely a shocker the general feeling within the polar community is that rainfall in the high Canadian Arctic in April is a freak event,” Pen Hadow, the team’s expedition director, told Reuters in an interview from London this week.

“Scientists would tell us that we can expect increasingly to experience these sorts of outcomes as the climate warms.”

Tyler Fish, a polar guide at the base, said the rain fell after temperatures had been rising for a couple of days.

“I think we were disappointed. Rain isn’t something you expect in the Arctic and a lot of us came up here to be away from that kind of weather,” he told Reuters.

“We worry that if it’s too warm maybe some of the scientific samples will start to thaw … or the food will get too warm and spoil.”

Phillips said it would be difficult to tell how much rain had fallen, as the scientists probably did not bring rain gauges with them.

Environment Canada meteorologists will examine weather patterns to try to understand the unusual rainfall, he said.

This is an interesting article, not because it has anything new. But because it was published on a Canadian news paper and uses a language that is not been used in the past.

This punk is saying in this article that because IRI has started a second phase of enrichment that is well within the boundaries of the IAEA and the NPT, the nuclear power nation of Israel has the free pass to attack Iran, but wait, not only that, they will have the right to bomb ships in France or factories in Russia.

The rest of the article is the usual propaganda language of MEMRI (See the article on Guardian about the group) is been using for years.

Does this mean the new wave of propaganda is becoming an international action from the voices of Apartheid regime of Israel to prepare the world opinion for an illegal attack by a nuclear nation who refuses to sign the NPT against a signatory of NPT?

Are we that lame to sit by and see this happen and see the start of a new major conflict in the war thorn region of Persian Gulf?

How many innocent lives will be OK for these monsters to feel comfortable and happy? They did not feel safe by the death of over a million Iraqis, would a million of Iranian do it for them?

Keep an eye on Iran

Keep an eye on Iran

Lorne Gunter,  National Post

Don’t be surprised if some thing goes “boom” in Iran in the next few months. Or on a dock in Marseilles. Or inside a high-tech Russian metal-milling factory.

And don’t be surprised if the Israelis are behind it.

The news that Iran has begun enriching its own uranium beyond the levels needed for power generation is disturbing enough, but coupled with the recent bravado from the Islamic republic about a region “free of Zionists” (read Jews), the idea of a nuclear-armed Iran has taken on imminent and frightening dimensions.

At a joint news conference with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on Thursday, Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blustered that “a Middle East without Zionism is a divine promise.” He added that “the Zionist entity is nearing the threshold of nonexistence … The death of the Zionist entity is certain.” This time “all the nations of the region will stand fast and will uproot it.”

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Mr. Ahmadinejad has repeated similar threats on several occasions in the two weeks since it was revealed his nation had taken a major step in its bomb-making capacity.

On Tuesday, in a speech in eastern Iran, where hard-line Islamism and anti-Semitism are especially popular with the largely rural voter base, Mr. Ahmadinejad promised that should Israel launch any further attacks on Muslims or Muslim territories — such as last year’s invasion of Gaza to end missile attacks on Israeli civilians — “this is the end” of Israel.

In a Feb. 18 telephone conversation with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, MEMRI claims, Mr. Ahmadinejad boasted that Israel dare not attack Gaza or southern Lebanon again (as it did in 2006). He insisted it “fears the ramifications of such a move.” But should it be so foolish, the nations are ready to “put an end” to Israel. Then “the region will be delivered from its evil.”

Certainly such bombast is common among Third Wo r l d despots such as Mr. Ahmadinejad. And it is especially common among Muslim despots. It is easy for them to paper over economic or social upheaval in their own nations by turning popular discontent towards that eternal, external bogeyman, Israel.

A good example of the kind of hyperbolic exaggeration common in the Middle East was Saddam Hussein’s 1991 threat to unleash “the mother of all battles” on coalition forces, should they “foolishly try to invade” Iraq. There wasn’t much of a battle, though. Once fighting began, his forces crumbled in the face of coalition tanks. His vaunted Republican Guard surrendered to unarmed drones and Italian news crews. Still a mixture of machismo, a persecution complex and religious zealotry compels the region’s leaders to make such rash overstatements.

So a certain amount of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s recent swagger can be chalked up to business-as-usual posturing. Add to that the fact that he appears to have aligned himself with the Iranian military in a struggle for supreme power against the mullahs who have ruled Iran since the Islamic revolution in 1979, and a case could easily be made that Mr. Ahmadinejad is merely whipping up the masses to distract them for a poor economy, drown out criticism for his brutal repression of pro-democracy protesters, cover up his stolen election victory last year and increase popular support for him and his military allies in their bid to unseat the mullahs as the rulers of Iran.

But that’s easy to say from here, beyond the reach of Iran’s missiles. If we were living next door — as Israel is — we might not be so willing to slough off Mr. Ahmadinejad’s recent words as just more empty sabre-rattling. Never before has one of the region’s tough-talking strongmen been so close to possessing a push-button fulfilment of his Jew-hating rhetoric.

When Iraq sought to acquire a nuclear rector in the 1980s — and before Israel launched a daring air raid to blow a hole in the rector dome — Israel’s secret service and commandos blew up parts shipments in France and disabled component-building factories in Italy and elsewhere. They assassinated an Iraqi nuclear scientist in a European hotel and generally did all they could to delay Iraq acquiring nuclear weapons.

If similar efforts have not already begun to trip up Iran’s program, don’t be surprised if they soon do.

This is a very nice and well written article about a woman who is acting like the greatest example of all the mothers in the United States.

The best respond to the whole controversy surrounding this woman’s nomination is the following:

What’s galling is this: When the subject is a pregnancy to an unwed, minority teenage mother growing up in some (presumably Democratic) urban area, that pregnancy becomes fodder for lectures from conservatives about bad parenting, the perils of welfare spending and so on. But when the subject is a pregnancy to an unwed, white teenager from some small town in a Republican state, that pregnancy is…a celebration of the wonders of God’s magnificence–and choosing life!

-Thomas Schaller

The spin machine of American rightwingers is just amazing. One day they are calling all parents of teenage pregnant kids for disgrace and disgusting.

Winnipeg Free Press

Palin sacrifices daughter Puts politics before family

SARAH Palin’s quest to become vice-president of the United States is not a victory for women, motherhood, the religious right or the protection of the unborn.

It’s an indictment of a political process that encourages a candidate to sacrifice her children on the altar of personal ambition.

This is a par­ticularly damn­ing indictment of Palin.

Since she sprang to the world’s attention roughly 15 min­utes ago, Palin has portrayed herself as a folksy mother of five, the sort of gal who goes to Betty’s Curl Up and Dye in Wasilla, Alaska for a fresh updo every Thursday morning, snowmobiles for fun and keeps a big old bear skin in her office, the former ursine having been shot and killed by her daddy.

She’s all Northern Exposure — a for­mer beauty queen, a little bit quirky, a few rough edges but apparently quite the independent gal. And she sure does love to have children.

There’s little question why John McCain chose her as a running mate.

Together, their average age is 58, an encouraging number for voters who fear the campaign might be enough to finish off poor old McCain’s ticker.

Her addition to the ticket stole Obama’s convention thunder, a slick way to get people off the topic of youth, energy and vitality and back on to a continued Republican death grip on the White House.

Other than a lack of experience (not a small niggle given McCain is 72 and Palin might well end up running America) she seemed ideally suited to the Republican mantle. She opposes gay marriage. She opposes abortion.

She’s got a passel of kids including her youngest, a baby she revealed she and her husband knew had Down syn­drome before he was born.

Seemed like an easy sell to Repub­licans, the undecided and Hillary fans looking for an outlet for their rage.

But here’s the thing: Palin made a pact with the devil. In exchange for a shot at the vice-presidency, she agreed to sacrifice the privacy of her husband and children, to expose them to the re­lentless glare of the world’s attention, to be judged, scrutinized and inevit­ably found wanting. And, in the words of the schoolyard whine, she started it.

You can’t claim to hold family sacred while brandishing your son’s special needs status as a shield against your detractors. Mommy could have had an abortion, she said, but chose to bring little Trig into the world. Did we really need to know this?

But that was just the first volley.

Next came word that Palin’s 17-year­old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant. That’s a private crisis by any family’s measure. Palin rushed to assure voters that Bristol is marrying the father of the baby and the couple has the full support of the family.

(The announcement was apparently made to counteract Internet rumours that Bristol was actually Trig’s mother and that Palin had faked her preg­nancy to cover things up. I couldn’t make this stuff up).

Just try to imagine being a pregnant high school student and having to share the news with the free world. As one Internet wit wondered Tuesday, are the young couple getting married because Palin is a card-carrying mem­ber of the NRA?

Let’s be clear: Women have earned their way into every position out there. Most mothers work outside the home.

They love their jobs, they need the money, they’re not prepared to give up their careers, preferring to perfect the delicate juggling act.

But Sarah Palin is a hypocrite if she waves the crown of motherhood while preparing to spend months on the campaign trail. She can’t simply drag out her five kids for photo ops and send them back to Alaska until she needs them again.

As for young Bristol, poor kid.

Shame on her mother for sacrificing her child’s privacy in order to further her own political ambitions.

A woman has the right to pursue any career she wants, including the presidency. She should have the de­cency to make sure her children aren’t collateral damage.