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Someone should tell these guys that every shell they loose in those dumps, will be another road-side bomb that kills their friends.

So, keep up the good workd and blame others for your failure.

Insurgents loot arms dumps

Iraqi arms dumps overrun by coalition forces in 2003 were still being looted by insurgents in search of explosives and ammunition as late as last October, according to a damning new report by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Thousands of tons of military-grade high explosives as well as shells capable of being converted into the kind of roadside booby-traps which caused the majority of US casualties have been taken without hindrance, the report states.

The watchdog GAO also claims that a shortage of military manpower to guard Saddam-era weapons depots meant that insurgents were left free to strip more than 400 sites of lethal hardware for a guerrilla campaign which has killed more than 3000 American and 134 British soldiers.

The GAO report says that, despite these efforts, “unguarded sites will likely continue to support terrorist attacks throughout the region.”

A Pentagon spokesman said: “We are doing our best to locate and destroy stockpiles, but given the size of the country and the other tasks coalition forces are undertaking, it’s a huge task.”

The Pentagon will attack Iranian military targets (Russian expert)

By RIA Novosti

Translated from French by Babelfish

The Pentagon projects to conduct soon a massive attack against the Iranian military infrastructure, estimates the General Leonid Ivachov, vice-president of the Academy of geopolitical sciences.

“I do not have any doubt as for the reality of this operation or, more precisely, of this aggression against Iran”, the General Russian in a maintenance with RIA Novosti Wednesday declared.

According to him, testify to it in particular the conference at the beginning of March in Washington to the Committee am�ricano-Israeli (AIPAC), which decided to support the Bush administration, as well as the fact that a few days after the US Congress revoked his own amendment prohibiting to the president to attack Iran without its downstream.

“We drew from it the conclusion which this operation would have well place. In other words, the Israeli community of the United States and the Israeli direction – represented with this conference by the Foreign Minister of the Hebrew State – formulated the directive to attack Iran “, noted the expert.

But the United States does not project a terrestrial operation. “According to any obviousness, there will be no terrestrial invasion. It will be strike air massive and of wear, with an aim of destroying the military potential of resistance, the centers of administrative direction, the economic installations key and, if possible, a part of the Iranian direction “, the expert underlined.

The Ivachov General did not draw aside the possibility of strike by means of tactical nuclear weapons against the Iranian nuclear sites. _ “It himself be that one call appel upon some load nuclear of low power”, have it suppose.

The action of the Pentagon will be able to paralyse the life in the country, to sow panic there and, generally, to found a climate of chaos and uncertainty “, the expert affirmed.

“That could revive the fights to be able it inside Iran. A mission of peace will have to follow to put at the capacity to Teheran a government pro-American “, estimated the Ivachov General.

The purpose of all that will be to regild the blazon of the republican administration which will be able to thus declare that the Iranian nuclear potential was destroyed, it added.

Among the possible consequences of the military operation, the General quoted the dislocation of the country like Iraq. According to him, “this design gave results in Balkans, now it will be applied – if this one is not it already – with regard to the Large Middle East”.

Questioned on the question of knowing if Russia were in measurement, by the diplomatic way, to influence the evolutions around Iran, the expert affirmed that “Moscow must exert an impact, requiring an urgent convocation of the Security Council of UNO to study the question of the aggression not sanctioned in preparation against Iran and of the non-observance of the principles of the Charter of UNO”.

“And there Russia could cooperate with China, France and the nonpermanent members of the Council. Such preventive measures could contain the aggression “, affirms the Ivachov General.

Original article in French –

Iran will be attacked at the beginning of April (Russian military experts)

By RIA Novosti
The Russian military experts estimate that the planning of the American military attack against Iran passed the point of nonreturn on February 20, when the director of the IAEA, Mohammed El Baradei, recognized, in his report/ratio, the incapacity of the Agency “to confirm the peaceful character of the nuclear program of Iran”.

According to the Russian weekly magazine Argoumenty nedeli, a military action will proceed during the first week of April, before Easter catholic and orthodoxe (this year they are celebrated the 8), when the “Western opinion” is on leave. It may be also that Iran is struck Friday 6, public holiday in the Moslem countries. According to the American diagram, it will be a striking of only one day which will last 12 hours, 4 hours of morning to 16 hours of afternoon. The code name of the operation is to date “English Cock” (Bite). A score of Iranian installations should be touched. With their number, centrifugal machines of uranium enrichment, centers of studies and laboratories. But the first block of the nuclear thermal power station of Bouchehr will not be touched. On the other hand, the Americans will neutralize the DCA, will run several Iranian buildings of war in the Gulf and will destroy the key positions of command of the armed forces.

As many measurements which should remove in Teheran any capacity to counteract. Iran projected to run several tankers in the strait of Ormuz with an aim of cutting the provisioning of the international markets of oil and of striking with the Israel missile.

The analysts affirm that strike them American will be launched from the island of Diego-Garcia, in the Indian Ocean, from where will take off of the bombers with long operating range B-52 with on their board cruise missiles; by the embarked aviation of the American aircraft carriers deployed in the Gulf and forming part of the 6th American Fleet in the Mediterranean; cruise missiles will be also drawn since the submarines concentrated in the Pacific and with broad from Arabia.
Result, the Iranian nuclear program will be rejected several years in back. In private talks, American Generals suppose that the times of deployment of American anti-missile defense in Europe can be postponed. Another event envisaged, the oil barrel could fly away to 75-80 dollars and this for one prolonged period.

Meanwhile, the new resolution on Iran and whose project was adopted by the five permanent members of the Security Council and Germany should be voted with CS as of this week. The text envisages sanctions against 10 Iranian public companies and to three companies concerned with the Body of the guards of the Islamic revolution, unit of elite to the orders of the spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic, the ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Sanctions are also envisaged against 15 physical people: eight leaders placed high of companies of State and seven key characters with the Body of the guards of the Islamic revolution.

Original article in French –

The Swedish has send some reporters to Iraq. On a daily basis, they are reporting about the issues most of us have no idea. The troubles of the ordinary Iraqis, their fear, hopes and dreams. They discuss with normal people as well as the military (US and Iraqis) and give us an image of Iraq that not many people outside of Iraq have any idea about.


The headlines of their reports are horrifying:

  •  In the school, we talk about those who have died recently
  • The worst is that I do not know who are the killers
  • Small-child family in the violent Baghdad
  • We are afraid of going to school : 4 siblings talk about their fear, love and their idols
  • “A car exploded right in front of us”

Why can’t the American and British reporters do the same? Why can’t they send  their reporters and have a daily article and talk to ordinary Iraqis, to let those countries who have caused this disaster see what their tax dollars have done to these people? Why can’t ABC news, MSNBC, CNN or anyone else send a few reporters to live with those people and do what Aftonbladet did?


Part of the papers reporting was to open a chatting session  (here and here) with families, where ordinary people in Sweden (I also participated in one of the discussions!)  could register and ask questions and get answers from them LIVE. You can see the discussions on their web site, but I wonder if anyone really cares?

Today, the British government finally admitted  the truethfullness of a study that suggested that over 650 000 Iraqis have died in this war.

This is horrible, isn’t it? I wonder why it took them so long to admit this? Does it mean that those pigs finally going to accept their guilt in this crime?