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This is priceless. A typo on IRNA says, Iran’s president is ‘fucking’ the Island of Kish. My Facebook friend had an excellent comment on this:

He was done with the people on the main land, now he is going after the Islands, WE MUST STOP HIM before it is too late.

I captured the screen just to make sure it does not disappear 🙂

رییس جمهوری ، جزیره کیش را کرد – Irna

رييس جمهوري ، جزيره كيش را كرد

تهران ، خبرگزاري جمهوري اسلامي ‪۳۰/۱۱/۸۹‬

سياسي. كيش. بازگشت رييس جمهور
كيش رييس جمهوري اسلامي ايران كه صبح امروز براي شركت در همايش نقش فناوريهاي نوين در ارتقاي زندگي انساني به كيش سفر كرده بود دقايقي پيش اين جزيره را به مقصد تهران ترك كرد.

به گزارش روز شنبه خبرنگار اعزامي ايرنا، آقاي احمدي نژاد علاوه بر سخنراني در اين همايش تمبر يادبود دستاوردهاي فناوري ايران را به اتفاق همسر و فرزندان شهيد مسعود علي محمدي دانشمند برجسته ايراني ممهور كرد.

در اين آيين كه با حضور متخصصان و انديشمندان ايراني داخل و خارج كشور برگزار شد همسر شهيد علي محمدي قلم اين دانشمند برجسته را به احمدي نژاد اهدا كرد.

رييس جمهور در جريان اين سفر همچنين به صورت سرزده از محله محروم و قديمي صفين در جزيره كيش ديدار كرد و با اهالي آن به صورت صميمي و رو در رو به گفت وگو نشست .

US is an amazing country,
A country which with a dream can put a man on the moon, who can get elect a black president just a few decades after they hanged ‘colored’ people on trees and danced around them. But it has one of the most disgusting history of human rights violation as well. There main reason is that in the US today (an even before) accountability is non existence, if anything goes wrong, you must find someone to blame, it is never YOUR fault, it is not your own act that causes the problem and history is what you remember and people’s memory is getting shorter and shorted every day.

Tuesday is going to be another major election in the US, now that the hopes of 2008 are proven to be nothing other than an illusion, people choose to forget the root cause of the problem and choosing the same gang (or a bunch 10s times dumber than those) into public offices.

Zimmerman is highlighting the believes perfectly in his sarcastic song:

YouTube – “Vote Republican” by Roy Zimmerman