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The demonstrations across Iran still on going, not in the same extent as the ones from last week, but still going strong.

It seems like the demonstrators are back on the track to stand up against the corrupt government but doing it peacefully.

This is a video from GoharDasht, north west of Tehran suppodely from earlier this weekend.

In a very strange act, the flag of Syrian opposition was raised during a football game in Tabriz. The reason for this is not known!

Regime is working on re-gaining the control and imprison any activist that may organize future demonstrations. These are the images of some of the students recently imprisoned by the IRI security forces.

Iran-Picture of Arrested students

Arrested Students in Tehran

Just got this video from a friend on Facebook! Can’t believe any person can give an fully loaded unsecured semi automatic gun to a money.

Is there a limit to human’s stupidity?

Isn’t this amazing, Amanpour had heard this, but the US who had closed Bin Laden Task Force by the order of GW Bush in 2006, did not hear or know about this.

Why are Americans so bloody stupid and don’t remember their own history and don’t stand up and call those pigs of Bush administration and putting them all in prison for treason?

YouTube – Follow The Woman – In 2008, Christiane Amanpour said Osama Bin Laden lives in a villa.

But instead this is what they do:

Or this

And my favorite: